About us

Festijeux, a colourful history!

Wooden games and playful animations specialist

Festijeux & Compagnie prides itself on more than 20 years of passion for games and insuring the happiness of our audiences and clients. Based near the French Alps in Grenoble, we offer full-length shows that include a selection of tailor-made games and one or more Festijeux comedians that will draw your audience into our whimsical universes.

Our teams select the games and decors, transport them and assemble them at your event location. Thanks to a large selection of themes and professional comedians in costume, we offer immersive, unique and playful universes destined for all audiences, both young and old.

With over 2,000 authentic wooden games, 40 beautifully decorated Universes and 100 comedians under contract, our team creates an unforgettable moment of joy at 450 events each year, in France and abroad. Festijeux has travelled to 15 countries from Canada and Dubai to Burkina Faso. Since our founding in 1994, we have participated in over 9,000 events and in front of over 10 million spectators of all ages.

Our games of tradition, history, strategy, skill, and giant games are passed down from generation to generation to preserve a living heritage we are proud to share.

Unique Animations

Wooden games, giant games, roaming shows… discover all our unique animation offers for your indoor or outdoor events!

Play Universes

Archaeology, Pirates, Elves, Sand Castle, the Market… here are some of our universes made up of unique games and decors, and brought to life by comedians.

Tailor-made Themes

Go on an adventure and explore new ways to play with our tailor-made themes. Our play universes adapt to your needs.

Let's meet!
Interested in Festijeux play universes and have an event to plan? Don't hesitate to contact us, we'll plan your event together.