Tailor-made themes

Close your eyes and make a wish!

Festijeux will do everything in its power to make it come true

Let us surprise you!

Festijeux offers dozens of themes and play universes.

Tailor-made themes

Our games and decorated universes will captivate you year-round.

An adapted service

Our comedians are present for the assembly and animation of your tailor-made events.

Our team advises you

Contact us at +33 (0) 4 76 22 03 16 from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Discovering our tailor-made play universes

Based on your needs, wants, budget, and audience, Festijeux helps you create fun and unique events thanks to our personalized animations. Our teams construct tailor-made and turnkey play universes.

Whether for a festival, a corporate event or for a local authority, Festijeux adapts its animation offer according to the chosen theme for all audiences.

Festijeux selects the decors, the traditional and offbeat wooden games, the comedians, the costumes, the infrastructure and the logistics needed for the realization of your event.

Fairy tales and legends, pumpkins and co, paradise islands … here are some of our most popular tailor-made themes!

Festijeux’s costumes, a real value added

During our performances, all Festijeux comedians wear the beautiful costumes that accompany each decorated play universe, for even more immersive animations !

Whatever the tailor-made theme chosen, Festijeux takes great care of the quality of its costumes. Elaborate fabrics and refined finishes, a sense of detail … our costumes are authentic, rare and unique. These are not mere disguises but real working tools that comedians put on to be closer to the character they embody.

Festijeux’s costumes are as important during our animations as our wooden games or our decorations, in order to guarantee you fantastic and playful universes, full of colour, that delight both young and old.

A theme that's dear to your heart?
Can't find what you're looking for among all our tailor-made themes? Festijeux constructs your theme by selecting wooden games, costumes and sets for a custom animation.

Discover our costumes