A universe of adventure games, awakening, and sensory games island-living style. Long View Island with its handheld telescopes is the main space in this universe. Tiky the whale, Suzy the octopus, and the hammerhead shark awaits the budding buccaneers. Let the adventure begin !

Description of universe : age 3 to 13   

Universe of skill games

Festijeux comedians in “Captain” costumes

The decor is made up of:

– At the center: Long View Island (4m in diameter) and its hut (2.5m in height)

– The lighthouse overlooks the archipelago with its 3.5m height

– On the periphery:

6 to 8 wooden petals 2.2m long, decorated as sand banks and planted with tropical plants.

Technical Sheet:

Required area of 200m² minimum over a flat surface

220 volt power supply

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Archipel (nom) copie-min-min
04 Naufragés2-min
03 Aquarium-min
02 TikyLaBaleine-min


Discover the mysteries of lost civilizations. The budding archaelogists live the lives of renowned explorers on an excavation site. Their discoveries are accompanied by explanations from the head archaelogist. Equipped with helmets, trowels, brushes, and excavation books, our curious archaelogists will experience a unique and unforgettable part of history.

Description of universe: Ages 8 and up

Hosts 12 children per session

6 sessions of 40 minutes per day with 15 min between each session for cleanup. The archaeologists are equipped with helmets and archaeology tools.

Festijeux actors in “Archaeologist” costumes

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PhotoFFLIV 023 - copie-min
PhotoFFLIV 004 - copie-min
Sivignon5 copie-min
Garçons en fouilles
archeologia professeur-min

Fairy Tales and Legends

Once upon a time there was a world where magic and witchcraft rubbed shoulders with games. Will you be brave enough to cross the little haunted house without making a noise? Catch the frogs in the middle of the marsh, who knows if any of them might just be Prince Charming ?! Save the princess being held captive and chase away the bad spirits in her castle. Farther, deep in the forest, the magician’s Enchanted House awaits you. He watches over his potions and tells you fantastic tales. Gargoyles, goblins, witches! To your brooms, let the magic begin!

Description of universe :

This universe has 3 options.

This description presents the universe in its complete form

+ 12 to 15 traditional wooden games on the theme of magic, witchcraft, and fairytales.

 + The bewitched castle : Giant massacre game representing a medieval castle facade, fallen under the spell of a curse!

 + The Enchanted House : small house created and built in the Festijeux workshop.

Required area of 30m²

Hosts 8 to 10 children per session, 2 15/20 minute sessions per hour

This charming little house welcomes children in the magical world of the magician’s house. Surrounded by his magic potions he tells the children fantastic stories and tales.

 + 2 to 3 comedians in costume (costumes differ based on the role played) the number of comedians varies based on the chosen options

 Decor and game rules provided. Scenarios based on the roles of the comedians present.

Technical Sheet:

Required area of 120 to 200m²

Hosts up to 1500 children in a day

Assembly/Disassembly: 2.5 to 3.5 hours

06Maison des contes Noël
07 Chateau poch 3 copie 2-min


Go on a thrilling expedition to a deserted island. In the heart of the jungle, by the lagoon, the island of the castaways is full of mystery to explorers eager for wildlife: adventure course, giant monkey totem, storms, cannibals, ships, pirates, etc.

Description of the universe: Ages 3 and up

Collection of 12 adventure games and an adventure course made for children .

Hosts up to 1000 people in a day

Technical sheet :

– 4 apparatuses for the adventure course

– 150m² space enclosed by Festijeux with specific decor on flat surface

-2 Festijeux comedians in Crusoe and Friday costumes

-Assembly time: 3 hours / Disassembly time: 2.5 hours

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The Wild West

Conquer the Wild West with a wagon full of explosive games!
Enter the legend of the Far West and shoot faster than your shadow. Box of dynamite, lasso games, Mississippi, bison, and arm wrestling, this universe will make you bite the dust!

Description of universe: Ages 3 and up

20 Wild West games

Hosts 1500 people / 6 hours of continuous intervention in a day

Technical sheet :

– Flat surface of 100m² minimum

– Comedians in Indian and Cowboy costumes

– 6 hours of continuous intervention

– Assembly time: 2 hours / Disassembly time: 1.5 hours

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IMG_1990 copie-min
Sonor tabouret copie-min
la gare et l'indienne-min

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