I am Genghis Khan and I ride across the plains in search of my own Grail or I ride ahead to win the great American horse derby Grand Prix… Sitting in my saddle I ride, and it’s incredible…

Description of universe : Ages 12 and up

A Festijeux Exclusive.

– 5 coloured wooden horses 1.5m high

– A safe and clever mechanism, based on springs.

– 4 to 5 people

The Race:

– 40 to 80m linear ride

– 5 horses

– 2 Festijeux comedians placed under the arches (2 entrances)

– Space enclosed by Festijeux

– 4 hours of animation

Technical sheet :

Required area of 40 to 80m x 8m on a flat surface free of any obstacle.

Cavaliers weighing more than 40kg

Assembly 1.5 hours / Disassembly 1.5 hours

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Charivari Locomotion

I go to the garage and pick out my vehicle under the watchful eye of the mechanic. Dutch trotter or race horse? Ski race or Pedalo race? Here we go! But be careful not to cross the white line, a mischievous police officer is watching and ready to give out a ticket!

Description of universe : Ages 3 to 13

Festijeux comedians as police officers or mechanics

– 15 to 20 riders at a time

– An arranged circuit

– 6 hours of animation per day

1 Festijeux comedians

2 Festijeux comedians – 15 to 20 vehicles

3 Festijeux comedians – 25 to 30 vehicles

Technical sheet :

– Provision of 15 barricades by the organiser

Required area of 400m², flat and paved without any gravel.

Assembly 1.5 hours / Disassembly 1 hour


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The Lil’ Train

A unique creation in Europe. Under the watchful eye of the stationmaster, I take my ticket and board one of the three 4-seater locomotives. I cross the field on 80 meters of rails. By the force of my calves or arms, I pedal and greet the farm animals on the way …

Description of universe : Ages 3 to 12

A real station with the station master

– 60 to 80m of rail depending on the state of the ground

– 3 locomotives decorated for 4 children

– Muscular propulsion!

Two systems:

one with pedals and the other with a crank.

– Hosts 12 children at a time

– Can take turns at will

– 70 children per hour on average

– 5 hours of continuous intervention (approx. 350 passengers)

Technical sheet :

– No ground anchors for the train

– Flat surface, grass, cleared of all obstacles 30 x 20m minimum (600m²) without gravel

– Light source if the intervention or disassembling takes place at night

Assembly / Disassembly: 5 hours + on site help and guarding of the universe TBD

Backup location required in case of bad weather

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train 2-min
2016-11-25 18.48.04-min

Push n’ Roll

Locomotion play universe on funny animals with wheels or scooters. I choose Fanfan the elephant or Mina the Giraffe and I go for a stroll pushing with my feet. A stop at the trough, and I bring my animal back to the stables …

Description of universe : Ages 2 to 5

Collection of locomotion games

– 15 wandering animals

– a small stable

– a decor with a trough to quench the thirst of the animals

– a seated area for the parents

– 1 Festijeux comedian

Technical sheet :

Enclosed area of 100m² on a flat surface without gravel or grass.

Assembly 1.5 hours / Disassembly 1 hour

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TransLudo Express

Amidst this large railroad depot, I am station master, in teams or solo. I build my network, my railroads, and plan the journey of my Orient Express.

Description of universe : Ages 3 to 12

– A play universe of construction

– Hosts 40 to 50 children at a time

– 15 circuits with locomotives and wagons

– 50 m of rail.

The enclosure of this universe is done by Festijeux with small posts and pennants.

– 1 Festijeux comedian

6 hours of continuous intervention

Technical sheet :

– Required area of 75 to 80m²

– Preferrably a smooth and flat floor

– Requested material: an outdoor carpet

– Assembly 1 hour / Disassembly 1.5 hours

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On the Zigzagodrome, two teams of goofs with their funny-looking “vehicles” zigzag under the ruthless eye of the referee playing a match of zigzaghandball.

Description of universe : Ages 5 to 10

Park of 10 special vehicles propelled forward by use of the legs

Handball match or a zigzagodrome circuit

Hosts 10 zigzag-ers, equipped with gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads, taking turns 20 minutes at a time

-1 Festijeux actor in referee costume for 10 vehicles

– 6 hours of animation.

Technical sheet :

– Flat paved area of 100 to 250m² (without gravel)

Assembly 1 hour / Disassembly 1 hour

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Solène 024-min

Premium Universe 

What is it ?

Premium universes are the staples of Festijeux & Cie. They benefit from particularly rich scenery and a significant audience capacity

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