Fair Games

A series of traditional and more specific fairground games such as Duck Shooting, William Tell, the Arm Wrestle … Come experience this unique and mysterious atmosphere. This atmosphere will awake the curiosity and wonder of the public.

Description of universe : All ages.

Hosts up to 2000 people

Required area of 50 to 150m²

6 hours of intervention

2 Festijeux comedians

This universe is made up of:

– 20 games

– 1 giant game*

(*Mallet, Bird Flight, Giant Catapult, Poch Castle, Giant Pucier, Rising Hole Heart, Balthazar totem)

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Giant Games

TSpectacular giant games such as the Rising Hole Heart, the Balthazar totem, the Poch Castle with its beautiful set with medieval facade 5m long and 3.5m in height, Rising Hole, the Giant Catapult, Bird Flight, the Mallet and its 5m height…

Description of the universe : All ages.

Technical sheet :

– 8 to 10 barricades per game

– Area of 50 to 100m² per game based on the game

Open 40 minutes every hour over a time range of 5 hours maximum

Choice of game with 1 Festijeux comedian

Assembly and disassembly help required.

– Bird Flight, Mallet, Giant Catapult, Poch Castle

Choice of game with 2 Festijeux comedians

– Rising Hole Heart, Balthazar totem, Giant Rising Hole, Giant Chess game, Giant Draughts (checkers) game


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