Sand castle

Just like at the beach: lounge chairs, beach umbrellas and ephemeral creations. I build my own sand castles with magic sand… without water! It’s summer all year long!!!

Description of the universe: Ages 5 and up.

Materials: clean and safe sand, without water (magic composition)

Hosts 40 children at a time

– 8 building platforms with raised edges

– Half day: 4 hours of continuous intervention, hosts 450 children

– 6 hours of maximum continuous intervention: Hosts 750 children or discontinuous with 1 hour lunch break

Technical sheet :

– Required area of 90m²

Assembly 2 hours / Disassembly 2 hours

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ChateauxDeSable 0037-min
ChateauxDeSable 0040-min
ChateauxDeSable 0034-min
ChateauxDeSable 0006-min
Chateau de sable Bonneville 2012_2377 (7)-min
Ch Sable_1427-min
ChateauxDeSable 0020-min
ChateauxDeSable 0011-min

The Market

In this picturesque universe, decorated and adapted to my size, I go to the village market to select my produce. I learn to recognize seasonal fruits and vegetables. In the kitchen of the restaurant I learn to create tasty little dishes and invite my friends and family to a great meal.

Description of the universe: Ages 2 to 8

This universe hosts 40 children at a time

It is made up of 4 modules :

1) the market : Stands filled with fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, butter, eggs, cheese, bakery (these creations made of coloured wood are adapted for children)

2) the Kitchen : All the equipment needed in a restaurant kitchen (stove tops, sinks, refrigerators, and dish washers…)

3) the restaurant : tables, chairs, and silverware to invite friends and family

4) flavour workshop : Recognize the spices and where vegetables grow

4 hours of continuous intervention maximum

25 minute sessions with 5 to 10 minutes of cleanup time between each session

Technical sheet :

– Area of 100m² closed off by Festijeux

– 2 Festijeux comedians in “cook” costume

– 4 hours of continuous animation

Assembly 3 hours / Disassembly 2.5 hours

Backup location required in case of bad weather

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image dinette-min

Animal farm

On this charming little farm, the barnyard and field animals reunite to surprise you! Eggs can be found in the chicken coop, Klara the cow waits to be milked, the chicks jump and race each other… Behind the orchard we gradually begin to notice the sheep that have come down from the mountains…

Description of the universe: Ages 2 to 10

This universe is made up of 20 traditional and offbeat games on the theme of animals, 5 sheep, the Capitole geese, the caterpillar race, pin the tail on the donkey….

Decor of wooden fences and painted silhouettes of animals, fruit trees, and sheep

Hosts 100 children at a time

Hosts 1000 children in a day

Technical sheet :

– An area of 100m² on a flat surface

– 1 day of intervention (6 continuous hours)

– 2 Festijeux comedians in farmer costumes

6 hours of continuous intervention maximum

Assembly 2 hours 15 minutes / Disassembly 2 hours

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Klara la Vache-min
oies du capitole 01-min
klara 2-min

The Little Ones

In a space of discoveries, our little ones, accompanied by their parents, carry, throw, and sort colours, paintings, recompose landscapes, observe volumes, stack logs of wood. They come up with ideas, and think about solutions.

Description of the universe: Ages 3 to 8

Park of 12 games that hosts around 40 children.

With big colourful wooden games, the children, accompanied by their parent or guardian, roam freely. From landscape games to gardening, painting, or making soup and fruit salad, it creates a sweet, welcoming atmosphere for children and their families.

Technical sheet :

A 100m² area on a flat surface closed off by Festijeux

mossy grass or carpet preferrably

1 Festijeux comedian

Assembly 3 hours / Disassembly 2.5 hours

Backup location required in case of bad weather

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Croque palets lapin-min
jeu prépare ta soupe-min
Jardiniers 1-min
Vue générale 2-min
peintre 3-min
La peche-min
les valises 02-min
Ptits bouts vue d'ensembleKremlin Bicêtre-min

Children’s Island

A space made for games of awakening, touch, sound, and visuals. Sound Rocker, Magic Swirl, Snail, Cubo, Construction Cubes, Road of Colours with adaptable specific themes: it moves, it goes up and it goes down, it is a permanent awakening of the senses.

Description of universe: 18 months and older

Hosts between 90 to 100 children

Hosts a total of 1000 children over the time range

6 hours of continuous intervention maximum or discontinuous with a 1 hour lunch break

Space with 20 manipulation games integrated into a decor made up of:

– In the center: a main circular island 3m in diameter with palm trees (2m in height)

– On the periphery: 6 to 8 wooden petals covered in a grass carpet;

– Outer islands 1.5m in diameter with a palm tree

Technical sheet :

– Required area of 150 m² on a flat surface

– 2 Festijeux comedians

Assembly 2 hours 15 minutes / Disassembly 2 hours

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ArbreaBilles 2-min

Premium Universe

What is it?

Premium universes are the staples of Festijeux & Cie. They benefit from particularly rich scenery and a significant audience capacity

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